Fedor Emelianenko

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DreamFighters.com is claiming to have a quote from Fedor Emelianenko stating what his plans are for his next three fights. However, no source was given, so we’ve been unable to confirm if this, in fact, came from Fedor himself.

The next Aflliction event is being prepared for November but we are trying to move it to October so I can have enough time to prepare for my other fight in Dream around December (NYE)”. For his next opponent, Fedor has been clear: It will be Andrei Arlovski. I still don’t know who I am goign to fight in Dream (“Probally Mirko Crocop”), but I plan to fight Josh Barnett in March in USA.

Fedor has said: My next opponent is Andrei Arlovski

Let’s assume for a minute that this is a quote from Fedor.

We’ve just learned that Fedor’s fighting Arlovski in October, and this would explain why the previously reported date of November 8 has been changed to October 11.

He has a three fight deal with Affliction, which would lead us to believe his third fight would either be Couture or Barnett, but with his management, you just never know, so it’s comforting to hear it from him.

Fedor mentioning Cro Cop for NYE is also good news. Mirko hasn’t been shy this year about wanting a rematch, but we really didn’t hear anything from Fedor about it. What we did hear was that he may be fighting the winner of the “Fighting Fedor” reality show on NYE, which would be a big bummer but forgivable if he’s fighting top competition in Affliction. While a Cro Cop fight wouldn’t have the same appeal as their epic fight in 2005 did, he’s likely a hundred times better than anything else Japan is going to throw Fedor’s way.

There are a lot of variables that could alter this plan however, although none of them are necessarily bad. Cro Cop and Alistair Overeem appear to be on a collision course for September. Overeem has looked like a solid heavyweight in his last few outings, and considering Cro Cop’s dismal performances in 2007, a win against Alistair is anything but guaranteed. Randy Couture’s legal issues with Zuffa may also be settled by then. If Randy was deemed free and clear of the UFC, one would imagine that fight would take precedence over a Fedor/Barnett fight early next spring.

The next nine months certainly look promising for all the MMA fans who’ve waited three years to see Fedor prove himself against the world’s best.

Arlovski, Cro Cop, Barnett and (justice system willing) Couture. I’ll take that all day long.