Quinton Rampage JacksonLeave it to Josh Gross to get the story no one else could. After two weeks of questions and speculation surrounding the bizarre incidents with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Gross has been able to confirm many of the rumors floating around, and find out exactly what has been going on with Jackson.

It appears the rumor that Jackson fired his trainer, Juanito Ibarra, is true, and it came shortly after his loss to Forrest Griffin. According to a friend of Jackson’s, the decision to let his trainer go involved money.

Following Jackson’s arrest it was confirmed that Dana White did indeed bail Quinton out of jail, however, it appears that Ibarra also attempted to make Jackson’s bail. This presumably happened after Ibarra had been let go. Following his release, Jackson was supposed to be taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation, however Jackson refused and returned home. As previously reported, Jackson was taken the following day to the hospital by the police and placed under a psychiatric hold. This is where the “Rampage thinks he is God,” rumor comes into play, which unfortunately appears to be true.

Rampage demanded silence when he wasn’t offering words of faith. He spoke of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and people aligned with the devil.

“Mentally he wasn’t there,” said the source. “It was almost as if he was possessed. He heard voices. He thought he was a God.”

Talk amongst people in the house turned to the need for medical help. At first, they tried convincing Rampage to head for the hospital. That failed, tempers flared and police, thankfully, intervened. Several hours later, the fighter was under psychiatric hold.

The good news is that it appears that Jackson is doing better.

Three days later, rested and nourished, Rampage was reunited with friends.

“He would still make comments that were slightly weird,” said Jackson’s longtime associate. “You could tell that he wasn’t all the way there, but each day you could tell he was better.”

Against lawyers’ advice, Jackson has gone out several times. Fan requests for autographs at a local mall have been happily fulfilled. His only other trips are to outpatient treatment, which he attends daily.

“He knows what he went through,” said the source. “He knew he had an emotional breakdown that led to a mental breakdown. Not eating and not sleeping kind of helped with that.”

The more surprising news is that the UFC is actually considering putting together the third fight between Rampage and Wanderlei Silva for November. White has stated that he cares about Rampage, the person, much more than Rampage, the fighter. Not that I don’t believe him, but is this really the best thing for Quinton? I’m not a psychiatrist or an expert, so I could be completely wrong, but my initial reaction is that it’s not.

For one, Wanderlei Silva gave Jackson two of the most brutal losses of his career (or anyone’s career for that matter). Jackson was apparently in a similar state of mind prior to their second fight as he is now, and that fight ended with Jackson lying face down through the ropes unconscious with blood pouring from his face. And two, in the same way that people don’t completely mature in a matter of months (read: Jesse Taylor), I don’t think Rampage’s problems are going to be resolved by November.

As excited as I was for the possibility of Silva/Jackson III, I would really prefer to see it at a different time, or not at all.