Fedor Emelianenko

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The Emelianenko brothers certainly made waves in North America on July 19 at Affliction’s first MMA event. Fedor silenced his critics by destroying Tim Sylvia in a mere 36 seconds, while his brother, Aleksander disappointed hardcore fans all over North America when he wasn’t licensed to fight. As the “wow” factor of Fedor’s performance wore off, the attention started to slowly shift from his fight to his wallet. During that same time period, speculation began to rampant that Aleks was denied his license by the CSAC because he tested positive for Hepatitis B.

It appears new details are emerging that may shed a little light on both.

When the CSAC released the fighter payroll figures for Affliction “Banned,” it was quite apparent that we were not being told the whole story. According to the figures, Fedor was only being paid $300,000. Considering the the amounts that were floating around during Fedor’s free agency, it was quite obvious that Affliction had paid him more than that.

Well, Fightline.com believes they have the answer—a $1.3 million signing bonus. We don’t know how reliable their source is, but that number sounds about right. The report says it was paid before the fight, however it’s unclear if that bonus was a one time signing bonus, or if it was attached to the Sylvia fight, in which case Affliction would likely have to pay him an additional bonus in October.

Aleksander Emelianenko

Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.com

As for Aleks, he was interviewed by Life.ru, in which he claims the rumors of him testing positive for Hepatitis B are false. Aleks says because of visa issues, he simply did not make it to California on time to pass the required CSAC testing to obtain his license.

Fightline.com translated:

In the video interview with life.ru Aleks claims that he was simply late. He says there is absolutely nothing wrong with him physically.

He says that according to the CSAC he was supposed to be tested on 13th. He only received a visa on 14th and came to US on 15th. He was hoping that they would be able to still work everything out – but apparently the CSAC is very strict on everything.

I’m not sure I’m buying his claim just yet. While his people did maintain throughout the ordeal that the situation had nothing to do with medical issues, there were a lot of respected media members with multiple sources claiming Aleks tested positive for Hepatitis B. That is a rather odd reason for so many different people to be citing unless it all originated from one source who happened to be wrong. If Aleks wants to fight again, even if it’s overseas, he’s going to have a hard time finding opponents if everyone believes he has it. It wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to think he could be denying it for that reason.

Hopefully, we’ll find out the truth…to both…soon.