Aleksander Emelianenko

Two great things happen in this video.

  1. Josh Barnett confronts Aleks about an interview in which Aleks claimed Josh had ducked him.
  2. Aleks presents Donald Trump with a poster of his back prominently featuring his tattoo of the grim reaper holding a baby.

Number two is priceless. I would have paid good money to know what went through Trump’s mind at that moment.

Here’s another video of Aleks at Affliction “Banned.”

Vadim Finkelstein on Fedor vs Randy after the jump.

Vadim Finkelstein

Vadim Finkelstein says Fedor/Sylvia Fight Not Signed | M1MixFight.comDespite Dana White publicly calling Vadim Finkelstein and the rest of Fedor’s management team “crazy Russians” and Fedor “a farce” after negotiations fell apart to bring Fedor to the UFC last fall, Finkelstein still wants to work with White and the UFC to put together the fight between Fedor and Randy Couture by the end of the year.

I can tell you that if UFC will negotiate with us then this fight can happen this year maybe within the bounds of our joint tournament with UFC. We are ready to negotiate, the fighters are ready, everything is ready, the only deal is with UFC policy headed on their separation and singularity.

Clearly, Vadim has no problems in cutting Affliction out of the fight that could give them the best chance at success. Will it happen? Don’t hold your breath.

Vadim also confirmed (sorta) Alek’s claims of being late as the reason why he was pulled from the “Banned” card.

I do not clearly understand what has happened because we found out that Alexander had been debarred right before weighting procedure. I suppose that California commission has debarred Alexander because he was not in time to the date of medical examination – 13th of July, but it had happened because we had problems with visa in American embassy. For example Alexander’s seconds didn’t get visas without any explanations and that is why Alexander came only at July,15. Maybe they haven’t done some tests and it became a reason why commission didn’t allowed Alexander to fight.

However, it doesn’t sound like Aleks will be returning to the US for Affliction’s second event, at least not according to Vadim.

We do have some variants right now. Maybe he will take place in superfight at the next M-1 Challenge tournament in Korea or at one of the nearest Dream tournaments

Here’s to hoping Aleks is able to return to fight in the US and finds his way back.