Jesse TaylorThere seems to be a few unwritten rules that all but guarantee to get you in hot water with the UFC—lose consecutive fights, talk publicly about money, and talk bad about one of the company’s stars who is much more important to the organization than you are. Okay…I can’t think of another good example of the last one, but that’s basically what TUF 7 alum Jesse Taylor did in reference to Rampage, and it appears it has got him dropped from the organization.

The Wrestling Observer has confirmed recent rumors that Jesse Taylor has once again been released, not for kicking out another window, but for a comment he made following Quinton Jackson’s arrest.

“What goes around, comes around, I guess,” said Taylor when Jackson’s name was brought up. “I didn’t even know until I watched the show, but he said ‘He doesn’t deserve to to represent the company,’ and look what happened to him.”

Just to be clear, Taylor did make these remarks prior to word getting out that Jackson wasn’t in a normal state of mind. However, it didn’t take a genius to know that something probably wasn’t right with Rampage when that whole situation went down. Nevertheless, that obviously wasn’t a thought that went through Taylor’s mind, and despite backing off from those comments after learning about the possible mental health issues, the damage was already done as far as the UFC was concerned.

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