Randy CoutureRandy Couture didn’t receive good news Friday in reference to his legal battle with Zuffa. Yesterday, a Texas appeals court granted Zuffa a stay against a motion for summary judgment. The motion was originally submitted by Mark Cuban’s HDNet Fights. As the battle now swings back to Nevada, Couture’s legal team is expected to appeal the ruling to the Texas Supreme Court.

Attention now turns back to Las Vegas, where the popular fighter and Zuffa have begun arbitration hearings to try and hash out a resolution to a nine-month saga that has drawn considerable media attention. Couture and UFC President Dana White were deposed for the case three weeks ago, and more individuals are expected to join the process in the coming weeks. The arbitration proceedings will take place behind closed doors.

It’s important to note that Texas has not ruled on the terms of Couture’s promotional (fight) contract. Zuffa has basically been successful in delaying a judgment from being made in Texas.

Bringing the case out of Nevada and off of the UFC’s home turf and into Texas was supposed to be Couture’s ace in the hole so to speak. If Texas made a ruling prior to Nevada on when Couture would be free of his promotional (fight) contract with the UFC, it was expected that Nevada would likely follow the Texas ruling.

With Texas at a stand still, and the case shifting back to Nevada, at least for the time being, it would appear that Zuffa is accomplishing one of their primary objectives—keeping Randy Couture out of someone else’s ring for the foreseeable future.