Josh Barnett

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You’d be hard pressed to find an Affliction article in recent weeks that didn’t at least mention Affliction asking their fighters to take a pay cut on future shows. Dave Meltzer reported the cut to be 50%. Well, Josh Barnett, the same fighter who already stated there was no way he would accept a cut, is now claiming Affliction never has or was going to ask existing fighters to take a cut in pay.

From Josh’s MySpace:

Straight from the mouths of my friends Tom Attencio and Todd Beard; No one is being asked to take a pay cut. They would never ask anyone to take a pay cut and don’t intend to. Tom was only referring to any fighters that may have been thinking that they could get an exorbitant amount of money from Affliction just because. Again, no pay cuts asked and expected and they are doing just fine.

So basically, Affliction is chock full of conflicting news these days. Who knows what to believe. I’m just waiting for the report that says Fedor is fine, and will still be fighting in October.