Wanderlei Silva After Defeating Keith Jardine At UFC 84

Photo property of UFC.com

First we heard September. Then October. Not too soon after, the UFC was believed to be considering putting Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson in the cage with him for an epic third match in November. Now it looks like Wanderlei Silva will get his original wish—competing on the UFC’s New Year’s Eve event at the end of December. According to Silva, the UFC has told him to be prepared to fight in December.

“I’m talking with (UFC co-owner) Lorenzo (Fertitta). They’re talking about December because it is the best event of the year. (Antonio Rodrigo) Nogueira is going to fight (Frank) Mir for the belt for the heavyweights.

“This is the best event. It’s much more promotion. They told me to be ready to fight in December.”

As for who he’ll be fighting, even Wanderlei doesn’t know yet, although he wouldn’t mind a third fight with Jackson.

“They gave me 10 (possible) names. My division is the best division in the world. They have so many names. I think they’re going to give a good opponent to me.”

“I wanted to fight [Jackson] again. I think it’s a very good match.”

Silva doesn’t really care who ends up opposite of him in the Octagon though. As long as it gets him closer to a title shot.

“For me, I have time to fight for the belt in the future, no problem. I’m going to wait for my opportunity. I’m going to give my best on every fight. After I win my fights, I’m going to have an opportunity to fight for the belt.”

“For me, no problem. I’ll fight with everybody.”

Whoever and whenever, I can guarantee you one thing. It will be exciting.