Roger HuertaIn not so shocking news following the bomb Roger Huerta recently dropped in FIGHT! Magazine, it’s being reported that Huerta and the UFC are “far apart on terms for a renewal” to Huerta’s UFC contract. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has the details.

“Huerta, who has one fight left on his contact after the Florian fight, is far apart with UFC on terms for a renewal. Huerta, who has gotten a new agent, was asking for six-figures guaranteed per fight as well as points on the PPV, in negotiations that haven’t gone well for some time. That’s a better deal than [BJ] Penn, so he wasn’t going to get it. The UFC position is that they groomed Huerta and pushed him hard and were careful of his opponents, with the exception of Clay Guida….”

So basically, Saturday night will likely be the last time we see Roger in the Octagon for quite awhile unless they can come to terms on an extension in the near future. Even if he wins at UFC 87, the UFC still isn’t going to give him a title shot unless they ink him to a long-term deal. If he loses, they’ll likely do the same to him as they did with Arlovski—sit him on the bench until the last possible moment and bury him in the prelims.

Perhaps going public with his gripes in FIGHT! magazine was Roger’s attempt at getting the upper hand, although we all know how well the UFC reacts to fighters speaking out against them in public, especially when the issue at hand is money. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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