Rampage Jackson & Dana White at UFC 87 Press Conference

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Yesterday, we posted part three of Dana White’s video blog, which showed Dana at a restaurant with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Well, it appears Rampage is in town for UFC 87 as he showed up at the UFC 87 pre-fight press conference which was held at the Mall of America. Rampage spoke briefly at the presser and stood up on stage in good spirits, apparently mimicking (jokingly) Dana as Dana spoke about him.

Rampage and White later addressed many of the questions surrounding the situation with Yahoo! Sports.

“I’m not allowed to say everything,” Jackson told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday in his first interview since the arrest. “I was hurt by some personal problems I had. It caused me not to eat and not to sleep. Emotional, yeah.”

White, who introduced Jackson to a large crowd, said Jackson’s consumption of too many energy drinks, combined with the lack of eating and sleeping, plus a split with trainer Juanito Ibarra, led to Jackson’s problems last month.

In the 72 hours following the accident, Jackson underwent psychological evaluations, White said, and was determined not to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“He literally was sick and had delirium,” White said.

Part of Jackson’s problems, White said, stemmed from the split with Ibarra following Jackson’s loss to Forrest Griffin on July 5 in Las Vegas. Jackson declined to divulge details when asked about Ibarra. When it was noted that Ibarra seemed like a father figure, Jackson grimaced.

“That’s what hurts,” Jackson said. “I can’t say. You guys will find out soon enough.”

Rumor has it that money was the cause for the split, and from Jackson’s last comments it sounds like that’s exactly what it is. Sounds like we’ll be hearing about a lawsuit in the near future.

One of the biggest questions now is what kind of trouble could Quinton be in after one of the accident victim suffered a miscarriage. Dana White, sounding like Jackson’s lawyer, commented on that situation.

“That one is out there like, ‘He hit her and she lost her baby,’ ” White said. “It was a week later. He knocked her mirror off her car. Rampage said, and he’ll tell you when you talk to him, ‘I care about everybody. I care about all life. I would never hurt anybody.’

“That’s the way he is,” White said. “Now he’s in a situation where somebody’s trying to civil sue him and make some money. Absolutely not. Absolutely not, this is not a criminal thing. No way. I’m no lawyer and I’m no judge, (but) this stuff will be worked out in the court.”

While I’m certain that Jackson never intended to hurt someone, I doubt the courts will just brush it off like Dana does.

Obviously, its great to see Jackson back to normal. Hopefully, everything works out for the best for all parties involved.