Alistair OvereemAnswer me this. Is there any good reason why Alistair Overeem and Cro Cop shouldn’t fight each other at DREAM.6? Yeah, not really. At this point in their careers, they really are the perfect fight for each other. Alistair is trying to reinvent himself as a heavyweight, and a win over Cro Cop would go a long way in establishing himself as a legitimate heavyweight contender. Cro Cop, on the other hand, needs a win over a quality opponent to help restore his image as a top heavyweight after his disappointing losses from last year. Let’s also not forget that these two have been exchanging jabs in the media. Should be a no-brainer, right?

Well it isn’t, at least not to DREAM. Overeem reveals in a recent interview with that the fight with Cro Cop won’t be happening at DREAM.6.

ITG: You challenged Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic – is there any special motive for fighting him? Since when did you start calling for this fight?
AO: My desire to fight Cro Cop began when I read his interview stating nobody wanted to fight him and that’s why he fought some walking-punch bag-guy [Tatsuya Mizuno] at Dream 3. My management offered me a fight with him at that event and he declined. Then at the K-1 Amsterdam event my opponent got injured and the promoter attempted to arrange for Mirko to fight, again he declined… …This really pissed me off because now my fight was cancelled because this douche-bag didn’t want to fight me while he was saying nobody wants to fight him. That’s crap, and that’s why I grabbed the microphone, and I’ll keep doing so until I get this fight. I will get him.

ITG: Is there any interest from DREAM on booking Cro Cop/Overeem? What can you tell us about when you’re supposed to face him?
AO: Well, there is an interest for sure but I cannot confirm any date yet. I just recently heard we will not be fighting at Dream 6 so…

On a quick side note, no matter how bad Cro Cop looked last year, I don’t think calling Mirko a “douche-bag” is the smartest move. Do you really want to give him a reason to put a bigger bulls-eye on the side of your head?

In all seriousness though, the most likely reason we won’t be seeing Cro Cop vs Overeem at the next DREAM event is because DREAM’s ratings have been pretty bad. Bad to the point where they may not survive much longer unless they can get a big ratings boost on their next event. There’s been rumblings of DREAM booking a match between Japan’s beloved Cro Cop vs Japan’s most hated villain Yoshihiro Akiyama at DREAM.6 in hopes of pulling the numbers they need to keep things going. So while I’m disappointed we have to listen to Overeem and Cro Cop go back and forth in the media instead of watching them throw down in the ring, I suppose I can’t complain too much since I’d like to see DREAM continue to put on events.

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