Fedor Emelianenko and his management spoke with several media outlets during his trip to Los Angeles, which included a lengthy meeting with Randy Couture. Here’s a few quotes.

Fedor on meeting with Randy.

“We talked a little bit about everything. Certainly, one of the main topics was the possibility of having a fight together and the realities that we both face — mainly that he [Couture] faces -– and whether the reality of having a fight can happen.”

Vadim Finkelstein, Fedor’s manager, on working with the UFC to make the Fedor/Couture match.

“We, M-1, we’re not in any way against working with the UFC. We’ve spoken to them before about the possibility of working with them together. Anything’s possible.”

Finkelstein proposed that an agreement for Emelianenko-Couture could be reached if UFC President Dana White was willing “to meet halfway.”

“It’s similar to what we’re doing with Affliction. Our relationship we’re currently seeing with Affliction is a co-production and a co-promotion and a partnership. If things aren’t monopolized and we can work together, then it’s a possibility.”

Translation: Don’t hold your breath.

Fedor on Kimbo Slice.

Well, if Kimbo Slice is available to fight, whether through Affliction or some sort of agreement with M-1 Global, it would certainly would be a fight I’d be interested in taking. And if the public is truly interested in the fight, then that’s something I’d like to do to please the public.

I haven’t seen too many of his bouts, but I’ve had a chance to see him and I think he’s a very strong fighter and a very capable fighter and he has certain positives. But at the same time, he hasn’t really fought anybody in the top tier of fighters so it’s very difficult to assess how he’d react if he fought someone at the highest level.

Fedor on Brock Lesnar (from video above).

I like Brock Lesnar very much. I haven’t seen too much of his fights, but I enjoyed watching what I saw. I see him as a very strong physically and someone that has a very bright future and a lot of potential in this sport. And it’s definitely a fight that would be interesting to me and fight I would like to have. He would definitely be a very worthy opponent.

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