Randy Couture & Fedor EmelianenkoOn the heels of a meeting with Fedor Emelianenko earlier this week, Randy Couture appeared today on The Adam Carolla Show. Surprisingly, of all the interviews Randy has done in the past year, no one has been able to get Randy’s thoughts on how many pay-per-view buys the Fedor fight would draw and how much money he should be paid for it. Well, Adam did, and the numbers are big.

When asked how many pay-per-view buys he anticipated the Fedor fight would sell, he responded, “It has the potential to do 700,000+ pay-per-view buys.” In a follow-up question, Adam asked what Randy thought his piece of that should be. Randy hesitantly answered $6-10 million for each of them.

Audio from the show (this topic begins a little after 3/4 mark)

Six to ten million dollars is a lot of money for each of them, and would, by far, blow away any previous fighter’s salary for one fight. At the low end of Randy’s expectations, it would cost a promoter $12 million for that fight. Assuming Randy vs Fedor did sell 700,000 buys, which is likely only realistic in the UFC at this point in time, it would only bring in $11-16 million depending on the price point and the promotion’s deal with the pay-per-view distributors. Of course, this doesn’t account for the live gate, and their deals could be structured in a variety of ways including base salary, win bonus, pay-per-view revenue sharing, etc. Point being, Randy is asking for a giant piece of the pie for himself and Fedor, and it’s certainly not one the UFC is going to go for, and one even Affliction would take a hard look at. On the surface it seems high…extremely high.

In other Fedor news (Randy non-related), in a recent interview that m1mixfight.com has posted, Fedor has confirmed that his brother Aleks’ problem of getting licensed to fight in California was medical related.

I cannot comment in any way on this situation. Aleksander really was removed from competing because of some blood analyses. So I cannot really say anything.

Fedor, I think you just said it all.