Quinton Rampage JacksonQuinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson’s arraignment that was scheduled for tomorrow, Aug. 15, has been postponed pending further investigation according to a report from Sherdog.com.

Farrah Emami, a spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office commented on the situation.

“The district attorney’s office is responsible for filing charges and that case is still under investigation based on some new evidence that has been discovered.”

“There were different incidents that occurred in different jurisdictions. There was Highway Patrol, there was Costa Mesa, there was Newport Beach. We’re looking at all of this as one potential case. The recommendations of the police are taken into consideration, but it could be more charges or less charges, depending on what the evidence reports.”

I’m by no means any kind of legal expert, but I can’t imagine there being any “new evidence” that could be good for Quinton. They certainly didn’t find any evidence that suggests Quinton wasn’t behind the wheel at the time of the incidents. For Quinton’s sake, I hope I’m wrong, and he’s able to put this behind him sooner rather than later.