Mirko Cro CopBy now, you’ve probably heard of the words being exchanged back and forth between Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ and Alistair Overeem. If you haven’t, it’s basically consisted of Overeem calling out Cro Cop and claiming he’s been ducking him, with the Croatian responding that he wants to take on Alistair in DREAM. Then upon hearing that DREAM wasn’t going to book the Cro Cop fight in September, Alistair stepped up the trash talk by calling Cro Cop a “douche-bag.”

Well, Cro Cop caught wind of the remark, and addressed it in his latest blog post.

I’m hoping to face a top ranked fighter, preferably Alistair Overeem. I’m familiar with his latest interviews and many people already asked me what do I think about his words. I don’t like commenting other fighters, it’s not my thing. But Alistair, you should save your strength for a real fight, because it’s coming. When I see you in the opposite corner, then I’ll talk.

Mirko never has been a man of many words, so I don’t know what Alistair was expecting to get out of him, but maybe it will be enough to get that fire started inside of Cro Cop to go there and perform like he used to.

Mirko did mention in his blog that his recovery is going very well and he will be fighting at DREAM.6, although an opponent has yet to be confirmed. Nightmare of Battle may have found his potential opponent though. They were able to get a glimpse of the new DREAM.6 poster, and Sergei Kharitonov was pictured. Perhaps, Cro Cop vs. Kharitonov? That would be a good one. NoB mentioned Yoshihiro Akiyama and Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller were pictured as well. That sounds like a potential matchup. Those pairings would certainly be better than Cro Cop/Akiyama, although if they’re making a Cro Cop/Kharitonov fight, I don’t know they would choose that over Cro Cop/Overeem.

Either way, DREAM.6 may turn out to be a pretty solid card after all.

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