Tom Atencio

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While most considered Affliction’s first foray into mixed martial arts a successful one, nearly everyone agrees it wasn’t perfect. When the conversation turns to the mistakes Affliction made, it almost always starts with the production. Most let them off the hook, chalking up the production glitches to their first attempt, while a few nearly crucified them for it. Affliction won’t get off so easy the second time around though.

On Oct. 11, Affliction will hold its second event, “Day of Reckoning.” According to Affliction VP Tom Atencio, Affliction is well aware of the problems that need fixing and the improvements that need to be made in their second outing.

“I think anybody that says that they’re happy with everything they do is lying There’s mistakes. Did a lot of people see them? No, a lot of people said that they didn’t. Did people see them? Absolutely. It was our first show out of the gate. It’s not like we did this before. I think as a whole, if you look at it that way, we did a good job. Did we make mistakes? Absolutely. Are we going to correct them? Absolutely. Can we get better? 100%. I believe that. There were a lot of things that we were anticipating and that’s okay. I think we did better than a lot of other companies did and I’m proud of them. Just minor tweaks. For the most part, everyone seems happy with what we did.”

Atencio also commented on choosing the UFC’s backyard, Las Vegas, as the location for “Day of Reckoning.”

“MMA fighters like to fight in Vegas. Fans like to be in Vegas. I know I like to be in Vegas. It’s a big event city. It makes sense to bring something there. It’s a party town. It’s an event town.”

It remains to be seen as to whether Affliction’s strategy of pressing forward and punching the UFC square in the mouth is the magic formula to loosen the UFC’s stranglehold on the MMA industry. October 11 is a big day for Affliction, and they’ll likely have to do it without the mystique of Fedor or the star power of Tito. The card isn’t quite as appealing as the first one, but it should be enough to get the hardcore fan base to tune in. We all know the money’s in attracting the casual viewer though, so I can’t help but worry that Affliction’s second event will suffer a similar fate that EliteXC’s second CBS event did. In light of all the negative ProElite news, Affliction should probably start praying to the MMA gods that it doesn’t.