Remember the end of Rocky III when Rocky and Apollo fought one last time secluded in the old boxing gym? Randy wants $6-10 million to fight Fedor, but would he pull a Rocky III and fight him for free without a single person to witness it? Watch the video to find out. He answers that question at the 1:34 mark.

The way things are looking, it might be his only choice.

In other ridiculous payday news, it seems the Tito Ortiz sweepstakes aren’t over just yet. He’s apparently talking to every major fight promotion, even the AFL, and you guessed it, the UFC.

Now, according to industry insiders, Ortiz is hosting formal negotiations with all the top promotions — Affliction, EliteXC, the AFL and even, surprisingly, the UFC.

“I don’t know if we’re really negotiating, or simply helping Tito stroke his giant ego,” one frustrated company representative said Sunday, Aug. 17.

I expect this will go on until Tito finally realizes he’s not going to be handed the keys to Fort Knox. Once he does, I’m almost expecting he will end up right back where he started—the UFC.