Michael D. CohenWe all know Tito Ortiz wants an obscene amount of money for his services. We just don’t know what his magic number is. Well, Ariel Helwani of MMARated.com did his best to find out in a recent interview with Affliction Entertainment COO Michael Cohen. Cohen didn’t bite, but he did confirm that Tito’s asking price is completely unrealistic…for anyone.

AH: Where did everything go wrong from that SportsIllustrated.com article which seemed to indicate it was a done deal to today?

MDC: I think the Sports Illustrated article is an overexaggeration of what is feasible or reasonable for not just Affliction but for any league that is out there. Our hope is that there will be a meeting of the minds between the Affliction team and Tito and his counsel.

AH: Exactly how much money was he asking for?

MDC: I can’t disclose that. Let’s just say it was more than ANY league could afford.

Most seem to think, despite reports of Tito negotiating with all the major promotions, including the UFC, that Affliction is the still the front runner to sign Ortiz. Cohen, however, isn’t quite as confident.

AH: Ultimately, though, are you confident he will sign with Affliction?

MDC: I’m not confident in anything. I’m hopeful that he would want to sign with Affliction especially in light of all the articles I have read and the bad blood between he and Dana White. For me, as an individual, it would be relatively impossible for me to return to a group or league where there has been so much negativity said about me. But, then again, I’m not a fighter, I’m a lawyer.

It’s interesting that he says, “I’m not confident in anything.” Is he insinuating that he has doubts about Affliction’s future? He’s a smart man. It would surprise me if he didn’t, but I wouldn’t expect him to admit to it either.

Regardless, Cohen does go on to do his best to hype “Day of Reckoning,” and confirms Affliction’s “entertainment” for the evening. I think most will agree he’s better than Megadeth.

We believe that we are going to have another sell out as we did in the first event. As you know we have Planet Hollywood as our site sponsor. You don’t get better than that. We have Ozzy Osbourne performing. You don’t get better than that.

Apparently, Cohen didn’t get the memo that “Banned” actually wasn’t a “sell out.” If you’re going to hype something, at least don’t misrepresent what’s already a proven fact.