KJ NoonsIt looks like the ultimatum/deadline EliteXC imposed upon KJ Noons didn’t work.

MMARated.com has the scoop.

MMARated.com has learned that after a long negotiation process with KJ Noons’ camp, the much-anticipated KJ Noons vs. Nick Diaz 160 lbs title fight has been scrapped from the October 4th EliteXC on CBS card.

It was hoped that both sides would reach some sort of agreement but, according to EliteXC VP Jared Shaw, in the end both ProElite and Noons’ agent, Mark Dion, were unable to agree to the terms of the contract.

So no KJ Noons vs Nick Diaz rematch. Shaw indicated to MMARated that EliteXC wouldn’t be stripping Noons of his belt at this time, but did indicate in a previous report that they aren’t ruling out the possibility.

Since Noons refuses to fight Diaz, EliteXC has pulled Diaz off the CBS card and placed him on Showtime card on Nov. 8. If they’re not going to strip Noons, perhaps create an interim 160lbs title for the Diaz fight. If Diaz wins, it would add a lot of public pressure on Noons. It’s basically what the UFC did when Tito wouldn’t fight Chuck, although that backfired somewhat when Randy swooped in and upset Liddell. Point being, if EliteXC wants to make this fight, they may have to get creative. It wouldn’t guarantee anything, but if he still won’t fight Diaz, then strip Noons and make Diaz the champion. It’s not ideal, but EliteXC doesn’t have the luxury of time to wait around while one of its fighters holds a title hostage, especially when that fighter has no real name value. KJ Noons is expendable.