Bas RuttenIt’s been over 13 years since Kimbo Slice’s trainer, Bas Rutten, lost a professional fight. The last man to defeat him? Ken Shamrock. On Oct. 4, Bas’ pupil will take on the well past his prime Shamrock in front of the masses on CBS. Bas shared his thoughts on the matchup with his student and former foe with

“I think it’ll be a great matchup. I would have liked to see it a bit later because of the experience difference, but I think it’s a great matchup.”

“Every time they give us a bunch of opponents, but the opponents don’t come through. Now Ken Shamrock, we find out. It goes back and forwards. He doesn’t mind who he fights. It’s really me and Randy Kotami giving him fighters that he should fight because we want him to have a great career. And to put him against a top 10 [heavyweight] right now is just not a smart thing to do.”

“It will sell very good. I think for CBS it’s going to do really, really good. If Shamrock would have been on a roll, [good], but he comes off seven losses [in eight fights], you know? I always said Ken is a very dangerous guy. It doesn’t matter [if] he has [five] losses in a row, but for people, they’re gonna say now, ‘If Kimbo’s gonna win, he’s gonna win against a guy [with five losses in a row], and if he loses to a guy with [five] losses in a row…’ It’s never gonna be good.”

While the Slice-Rutten-Shamrock storyline does exist, Rutten doesn’t believe it will put any extra pressure on Kimbo. They know what their game plan is and what Ken’s is. It’s just a matter of executing theirs and stopping Ken from implementing his.

“It doesn’t matter; it was ’95. I beat guys that beat Shamrock after [that]. It’s not a big pressure. I think for Kimbo, maybe? It’s extra motivation to get the guy who gave his trainer his last loss, [but] he didn’t even talk about it.”

“We’re really looking for a knockout, of course, and we know Ken is going to go for the ground. Why would Ken stand up? His ground game’s really good. He should be smart. So Kimbo’s stand-up is too strong. So Ken for the ground — obviously, he’s going to go for leg locks. It’s not a big surprise what’s going to happen.”

This is unrelated to Kimbo and Shamrock, but if you’re familiar with Bas Rutten’s self-defense videos, there’s something I recommend you watching. MTV’s Daryn Jones did a spoof on Bas’ videos. Bas caught wind of these and responded in a video of his own. has them posted. It’s pretty funny.