Quinton Rampage JacksonWith Quinton Jackson having a clearer picture of his legal situation, he’s now looking towards getting back in the Octagon as soon as possible. It’s still unknown who his next opponent will be, although Wanderlei Silva and Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua seem to be at the top of the list of potential opponents.

In an interview with Fighters Only magazine, while Quinton stated he hadn’t been approached by the UFC for a potential rematch with Shogun, he did say he was campaigning for a rematch with Wanderlei. He may not get his wish though. Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports! reported today that sources close to the situation are claiming Jackson/Silva III is unlikely at this point, although it does appear that Jackson will be fighting at UFC 91 on Nov. 15.

In the interview, Quinton went on to say that if he doesn’t get Wanderlei, he doesn’t care who the UFC puts in front of him next, although he made it perfectly clear that he wants a rematch with man who took his belt—Forrest Griffin. In fact, Rampage feels he didn’t lose the July 5 bout, and expected Forrest to publicly admit that he lost the fight against Jackson. Because Griffin hasn’t, Jackson had some very strong words for the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

“I just want my fans to know, I was at my worst and Forrest was at his best – and I still beat him.”

“A man is not a man if he can’t ‘fess up to when he gets his ass kicked. See me, if I get my ass kicked I am like ‘yeah, I got my ass kicked’.”

However, Jackson says that when he said those exact words at the end of the fight in July, “I was being sarcastic, because I really could not believe that it went the way it did.”

“I’m not a sore loser, shit happens. But I was hoping that Forrest would be a man and come out and say ‘You know what, I didn’t win that fight’, especially after he watched it.”

“After the fight, I said ‘I’ve got to give you a lot of respect, because you hurt my leg and you had a good game plan.'”

“But now, I don’t respect him as a man. Because if it was me, I would have said, ‘I have to give him a rematch right away, to remove all doubt.'”

“I’m a man and when you fight it’s all about honour. I’m not angry at him or anything, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve lost respect for him as a man.”

It’s hard to say to if Rampage is sincerely upset by Griffin’s silence, or if he’s just trying to hype up a rematch. Regardless, saying he’s “lost respect for him as a man” is about as strong of a statement as any fighter could possibly make. I don’t think it was warranted, especially considering everything that happened almost immediately after, but it’s still a rematch that needs to happen.