Dana White Wearing AfflictionDespite reports that said Tito was free to negotiate with whoever he wants without the UFC complicating matters, apparently that’s not the case.

If the UFC has the opportunity to make things harder for Tito and the organizations who are trying to sign him, oh you better believe they are going to take advantage of it. Dana White comments on it in this interview he did for USA Today.

I read recently that Tito supposedly is negotiating with UFC again. If that’s the case, how did that come about?

As part of his contract, he goes out and … I don’t know, something to do with his contract, but he’s still got his foot in the door with his contract. As part of our business practice in this crazy world these days, we — let me think how I can word this to you.

Take your time.

Yeah, probably going to have to.

I always say, we make this thing look a lot easier than it really is, and we’re definitely not going to make it easy for anybody else. We’re going to make things tough for other people.

It sounds like you’re saying basically you have certain negotiation rights with Tito.

Yup, and I’m going take them.

No one seems to know for sure what rights the UFC still holds, although some have speculated they still have the right to match any offer that Ortiz receives. It was said those rights expired earlier this month, but maybe not. Who knows what it is, but it doesn’t sound like Tito is going to have a deal anytime soon.

In case you were wondering, White also back off on the “not wanting to be in the Tito Ortiz business” comments he made earlier this year

Given what you guys said about each in the months leading up to his last fight, how realistic is to expect Tito to ever fight in UFC again?

Listen, me and Tito didn’t say anything worse than what we said before he came back and became a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. Tito and I do not like each other. We do not. It’s 100% real, we don’t like each other at all, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t done business together before.

So you have no problem putting aside personal feelings for business?

Sometimes. We did for a lot of years.

This charade is well beyond old.