Five Oz. has Team Kimbo’s official response to Brett Rogers’ statement:

Brett Rogers
“Rogers, don’t quit your day job.”

Apparently, Brett Rogers used to work as a tire repairman before he became a full-time mixed martial artist. I don’t know if it’s as awesome as Rogers’ official statement from yesterday, but pretty good nonetheless.

Moving on, apparently Ken Shamrock’s ego is going to get the best of him when he squares off against Kimbo on Oct. 4. I was afraid of this. No one wants to see Shamrock get seriously injured, yet every time he fights we all hold our collective breath hoping that he doesn’t. Why? Because Shamrock thinks he is capable of more than he is. You would think five straight KO/TKO’s would have hammered it home that maybe, just maybe, he has no business standing up with anybody in 2008. Well, you thought wrong.

“Honestly, I think I can test him anywhere. He’s got big, heavy hands. Everyone says he punches hard and he probably does. But again, he doesn’t punch properly, in my opinion. He swings his hands, he moves his body back and forth trying to get as much power as he can, but there’s really no snap behind it. You can usually see the punches coming.”

This is a perfect example of why some of the best fighters in the world are the most intelligent ones and why the worst aren’t. Shamrock does go to say he will “break his leg” IF the fight goes to the ground, so at least he hasn’t completely ruled out his only chance to win, but seriously, Shamrock needs to be trying to get the fight there like the fate of the world is resting on his shoulders to win.