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We haven’t even heard a peep from Nick Diaz since the very public feud between EliteXC and KJ Noons started a little over a week ago. That’s not the case anymore though. Late last night,, the official website of Nick Diaz’s training camp, posted a point-by-point response to the official statement Noons released just two days ago. As you would expect, they weren’t exactly easy on the EliteXC Lightweight Champ. Here’s a few excerpts.

On Noon’s contract and boxing gripes.

GF- 1) Earth to KJ; you don’t have a boxing career. No one in the boxing world knows who you are.

2) Another MMA company would have paid you less and not given you a title shot, especially when you were 1-1.

3) If you will not fight Diaz due to a breach of contract by EliteXC then why would you fight Alvarez for the same terms?

They have a very good point with the third one. From Noons’ statement, it would seem his response to that question would probably have to do with making less money than Diaz. Nick’s camp has a response for that too.

GF- Promoters will sue when you don’t fulfill the terms of your contract, just ask Randy Couture. By the way, you are not Randy Couture and the fight world is not holding it’s breath waiting to see if you will fight again.

2) $83,000? There are several fighters that are a lot better than you fighting for a lot less. Pay your dues and quit being a little bitch.

3) You are paying your management too high of a percentage and here’s some advice you should consider, “they are completely incompetent”.

4) Chuck Liddell makes 100s of thousands more than Keith Jardine even though he lost to him. Diaz does not complain that Kimbo makes much more. He understands marketability, why can’t you?

Diaz’s camp also had problems with Noons claiming Nick isn’t the number one contender.

GF- 1) It is not up to you to decide who the #1 contender is. That is EliteXC’s sole discretion. Patrick Cote will soon be fighting Anderson Silva at the UFC’s sole discretion. Silva is not complaining because he fights whomever they put in front of him. Silva fought Rich Franklin after wrecking him the 1st time. Serra rematched GSP his very next fight after demolishing him. Serra got paid less than GSP even though he was the Champion after the 1st fight. These men are true Champions and fight anyone. This is a concept you cannot seem to grasp.

2) You are scared because Diaz, despite having a terrible showing last time was stopped by cuts. God forbid the doctor that let the fight continue against Gomi had been calling the shots at your fight. In your heart you know what would have happened and you would rather live the lie of being a paper champion.

The whole number one contender thing is rather ridiculous. While I don’t think Noons is “scared,” I do think Nick’s camp brings up a good point about the Gomi fight. A lot of people point to the first Noons/Diaz fight as Noons completely dominating Diaz, which he was, but Diaz wasn’t exactly winning the Gomi fight either until he pulled off that gogoplata, and his face looked just as bad as it did against Noons. Diaz is one of those guys that’s going to keep coming until you knock him unconscious, and I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that if he were allowed to continue, he could have come back and won the Noons fight. I’m not saying he would have, just saying it was a possibility.

One of Noons complaints was that even though he’s the champion, EliteXC doesn’t promote him like they promote some of their other fighters, particularly Nick Diaz. Nick’s camp had a rather amusing response to that.

GF- 1) Nick Diaz, Jake Shields and Frank Shamrock were flown in to shoot an instructional trailer on grappling for the CBS show. The signings were an after thought. You weren’t flown in because you aren’t a grappler. We are sure they will fly you in if they need an instructional on whining.

2) Your contract was for Showtime. Diaz and Shields both signed longer deals for CBS. Nathan Diaz signed a special long term contract for Spike TV etc…
This is a business not Burger King, you can’t have it ‘your way’.

Funny stuff.

There’s more, including claims of Noons’ father being a drunk and needing AA, at It’s definitely worth checking out.

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