Brett RogersLast week, Team Bison, aka Brett Rogers’ camp, released one of the funniest statements we’ve ever read. In case you missed it, the statement was a reaction to the Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock announcement. Rogers and his camp were obviously upset about being passed up in favor of Shamrock, and had some harsh yet hilarious words for Kimbo and Ken. Shortly thereafter, Kimbo’s camp responded with an image of Rogers flipping a tire accompanied by the words, “Don’t quit your day job,” which was a reference to Rogers days as a tire repairman.

As you would expect, Team Bison couldn’t let that go, and they’ve now responded to the image with another statement, except this time it’s the worst comeback…ever. Here’s an excerpt.

With all the talk and about the Kimbo situation let me be Blunt. I would hate to see this whole deal go up in Smoke when Kenny hammers Kimbo. We don’t want to be a Chronic pest; like a Roach on a white rug but we want our shot. Now far be it from us to Harsh anyone’s Buzz so we will be nicer in our comments going forward.

They should have quit while they were ahead. I’m sure you noticed, but the whole premise of their statement is to insinuate that Kimbo smokes weed…I think…unless they’re trying to say they smoke weed, which in that case is even more ridiculous. Either way, an MMA fighter smoking weed? Wow, that’s earth shattering news. The rest of the statement isn’t any better, but if you’re so inclined, you can check it out at Five Oz. of Pain.

I’ve never been in to the lingo that people come up with on message boards, but I’m pretty sure this is what those crazy forum posters these days are calling an “epic fail.”