Quinton Rampage Jackson & Juanito Ibarra

In numerous interviews, Quinton Jackson stated that a “betrayal” in his professional and personal life was the primary reason behind the string of bizarre events that took place the week of July 15. He refused to name the person that betrayed him, but with the firing of his trainer Juanito Ibarra, and reports of Ibarra stealing money from Quinton, it quickly became apparent who that individual was.

While we basically know what happened that week and why, we’ve yet to hear the details behind the Jackson-Ibarra split. Leave it to Tito though to air out someone else’s dirty laundry. In a interview with Punch Drunk Gamer, Ortiz gives his insight into what went wrong between Jackson and the trainer he called a “father figure.”

Let me explain this to you because it really pisses me off that Ibarra has done what he has done, he is a thief. I have been running training camps for seven years up in Big Bear California and the most that my camp has cost a fighter to attend is $35,000. Ibarra was charging Jackson $65,000 to go to Big Bear. I don’t understand that!! He was being very disrespectful and taking advantage of ‘Rampage’. Including travel, training partners, food and lodging, the most ever was $35,000, maybe if you flew in more trainers…$40K. Where did that extra money go that Ibarra was charging? ‘Rampage’ is really pissed and he feels betrayed that he was taken advantage of and I couldn’t agree more with him. I don’t care if Juanito reads this or hears about it anywhere, he already knows that he is blackballed. I don’t care who you are; fighters work very hard for the money they earn and I feel slighted for even knowing Juanito.

Keep in mind this is coming from Tito Ortiz, so there’s always the possibility it isn’t entirely accurate, but assuming it is, is this really stealing? I think the answer to that question is debatable.

Before the breakup, Ibarra and Jackson were perceived to have a very close relationship, one in which Rampage put complete trust into. If Ibarra was taking advantage of that trust by overcharging Quinton for his services, then, at least ethically, that’s not right.

On the other hand, you have to know what something should cost before you pay for it. Rampage isn’t new to this business. You would think he would have immediately recognized that he was being overcharged $30,000.

Like I said though, this is coming from Tito. He has no reason to lie about it, but this might not be the whole story. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

CR: Five Oz.