Rashad Evans KO’s Chuck Liddell
Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans KTFO UFC 88

This is definitely the Gonzaga/Cro Cop KO of ’08. Rashad looked like a little Mike Tyson right there. What a shot!

Whenever someone pisses you off, and you imagine knocking them out, that’s exactly what it looks like. You know it’s true.

On a quick side note, it looks like Rashad’s lightning fast right hand has earned him a title shot.

“Sugar” Rashad Evans (12-0-1) will fight Fighters.com’s Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin (16-4) for the UFC 205 title, announced UFC President Dana White Sunday morning in Atlanta.

Evans viciously knocked out Fighters.com’s fourth-ranked light heavyweight “Iceman” Chuck Liddell (21-6) in the second round Saturday night in Atlanta.

“How can you say he doesn’t deserve a title shot,” White told media after the surprise “W”.

Guess Dana didn’t need to think too hard about that one.

(Thanks to “Smoogy” on the UG for the gif & Fightlinker for the story find)