Michael D. CohenAffliction Entertainment COO Michael D. Cohen has spoken again concerning Affliction’s decision to move “Day of Reckoning” from Oct. 11 in Las Vegas to Jan. 17 in California. In a discussion with MMA Junkie, Cohen put the network television rumors to rest, at least for now, and confirmed the event will air on pay-per-view.

“It will be a pay-per-view event. There’s no point in trying to come up with a clever answer. The answer is yes. It will be a pay-per-view event.”

“I think [a network television deal] definitely appeals to Affliction,” Cohen admitted. “I think one day we would certainly like to have MMA broadcast on network television. I think that certainly would be good for the sport. I think it would be good for the promotion of the individual fighters, as well as Affliction Entertainment.”

“I don’t know whether or not the sport is there yet, but we certainly believe with the information we will be providing in the very-near future, that it’s something that brings the sport closer to one day primetime mixed martial arts being featured on network television.”

Apparently, Cohen hasn’t heard about EliteXC on CBS. For someone who’s a top level executive in a fight promotion that’s just a tad bit concerning. Hell, even my mom knows MMA has been on network television.

Moving on, Cohen goes to reiterate that Affliction’s “dynamic changing” announcement will not take place during Golden Boy’s boxing event on HBO this weekend, but will happen within the next two weeks. Apparently, the paperwork still has to be reviewed by all the lawyers. Cohen didn’t rule out that Golden Boy was a part of their big announcement, so all signs still point to some kind of MMA-boxing co-promoted event as the so-called game changer.

Cohen also reaffirmed Fedor Emelianenko will fight for Affliction on Jan. 17. Not that I don’t believe him, but I would feel a lot better about that once Fedor’s people confirm it. Last we heard from them, Fedor was still planning on competing in Japan on New Year’s Eve. As we’ve seen in the past, Fedor does what his management says, and what they say doesn’t always jive with what a promoter is saying.

Speaking of Fedor, Randy Couture appeared on TAGG Radio this afternoon. He’s apparently still hopeful that his next fight after Brock Lesnar will be against Fedor, despite Dana White announcing that the winner would face the winner of Nogueira and Mir.

“Obviously [the UFC] wanted me and Fedor for more fights, and I really only wanted the Fedor fight.

“That’s the only fight that I’m looking for. I agreed to come back, fight Lesnar, and hopefully Fedor will be the second fight in the three that I signed for.”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for ya, Randy.

Randy also told a pretty funny story of how he broke the ice with Dana when he decided to return.

“In kind of coming up with some strategies with my attorneys to open some dialogue with the UFC, I sent (UFC President) Dana (White) a nice text,” Couture explained. “I told him I was on [an MMA forum], and there were some guys that were bagging on him — no surprise there. They were saying that he likes to eat [expletive] sandwiches.

“I told [Dana] that I stuck up for him, and that there was no way that could be true because he doesn’t even like bread.

“It’s true. I sent him that text, and he texted me right back — laughing his ass off — saying, ‘I’d love to talk to you. We can enjoy some [expletive] sandwiches together.’ That started the whole thing.”

Good stuff.

Apparently, Couture is working on getting the UFC to offer some sort of health insurance plan to the fighters. According to him at least, they’re seriously thinking about it.