Jon Koppenhaver War MachineHere’s a surprise. The fighter who legally changed his name to War Machine made some completely inappropriate comments about Evan Tanner’s death, turned down a fight when he’s in no position to do so, and subsequently gets cut from the UFC because of it.

Apparently, following the breaking news of Evan Tanner’s death, without knowing the full story, War Machine made a controversial posting on his MySpace blog suggesting Tanner may have committed suicide because his fighting career might have been over and he didn’t have any money to show for what he had accomplished. (Thanks to CagePotato for the full posting)

No one is sure yet but it sounds like it was a suicide. Sad thing is that it makes sense. What else is an UNDERPAID fighter supposed to do at the end of his career?
Cash in his 401K? Collect social security? Start to work some shitty job for 10 bucks an hour?
Shit ain’t boxing and if you’re not Chuck Liddell or Tito Ortiz you don’t get paid dick.
Wasn’t like he made MILLIONS and blew it all like Mike Tyson, this guy fought his entire life and didn’t have shit.
No wonder why he took off to the woods.
Prolly reminisced on the days when he was champ, the days when growing old didn’t matter and took his life.
Severe depression plagues MANY fighters at the end of their careers. Mark my words when I say that “HE MAY BE THE FIRST, BUT HE ISN’T THE LAST.”

First of all, if Mr. Machine actually took the time to learn anything about Evan Tanner, he would have known Evan didn’t care about money, and that his fighting career was just a means to support his true passions in life. Second of all, you don’t go speculating that someone committed suicide when you know virtually nothing about what really took place.

Machine later took the post down once more information became available, but apparently still believes Tanner killed himself.

“I still believe in my heart it was a suicide. Whether or not — maybe he didn’t shoot himself in the head, but I think he went up there maybe with plans not to come back. I just think he was a great fighter, he was a champion, and I guarantee you that he never made [expletive] for money. I guarantee you that he was at the end of his rope. There was no chance for a comeback. He was depressed, guaranteed. He had just lost to Kendall [Grove]. He was getting older. He knows he has no retirement plan. He had nothing, dude. That could be the outcome for a lot of fighters, myself included. I for damn sure guarantee you that if I’m in my 40s and I didn’t make enough money and I don’t have my own gym to support myself or whatever, I’ll probably kill myself too.”

“I think he didn’t maybe really want to kill himself outright and hurt his family and the people around him. Maybe he just went on a one-way mission and didn’t plan on coming back, but he didn’t kill himself outright. … He may have made it like an accident. I think he planned on not coming back.”

Well this ticked off UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, so when War Machine turned down the offer to fight Brandon Wolff, Silva cut him.

“Joe Silva — he was pretty much on a power trip. He was like, ‘I already told you that I already have Wolff for War Machine. I don’t know who he is thinking he’s negotiating with me. You know what? I’m sick of this guy.’ Then he brought up the Evan Tanner thing. ‘He made a dumbass comment on Evan Tanner. He’s not supporting the UFC. You know what? War Machine is cut.’ And they cut me.”

While I certainly believe War Machine doesn’t deserve to be fighting in the UFC for all the stupid shit he’s said and done, this is just another example of the UFC having the power to cut you for anything you do that pisses them off. If you want to leave though, you’re screwed unless they don’t want you anymore, and that’s not right.