Eveyone’s been harping on ProElite and CBS not promoting the upcoming “Heat” event on Oct. 4. If this is what they’re going to come up with, they’re much better off not promoting it all. Seriously, who came up with this? Better yet, who the hell at ProElite signed off on it?

Here’s further proof that those at ProElite have no idea what they’re doing. In yesterday’s media teleconference, Ariel Helwani asked the very legitimate question about the lack of advertising. Here’s Helwani’s write-up of the exchange.

Ariel:”My calculation says that we are 24 days away from this fight. A lot of talk, especially online, at the lack of advertising and buzz for it. What are you guys trying to do in the next 24 days to remind us and remind really the mainstream public that this fight is actually happening?”

Jared “$kala” Shaw: We’re doing that right now, Ariel.

Team Kimbo: (Laughing).

Ariel: Alright, guys, thanks. I appreciate it.

Needless to say, I was kicking myself after that brief exchange. What I should have responded to Shaw’s smug remark was, “Oh really? This conference call is your plan to get the word out? Nothing else? Sweet. Hey EliteXC, let me introduce you to my friend the IFL. I think you guys will be spending a lot of time together real soon.”

Steve Cofield has the audio and more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for there being legitimate competition to the UFC, but seriously, ProElite is not it now, nor will it ever be. They’re $55 million in the hole and every sign points to that hole only getting deeper. ProElite, just give it up now before you lose even more of your shareholders money.

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