Now that’s a promo. That gets me fired up to tune in on Oct. 4 to see Shields and Daley go at it. Hopefully, CBS actually runs this one during the football games.

Here’s a little “fight hype” from Daley.

He won’t remember much…just waking up I guess. I’m gonna be real mean in this fight, fuck Jake Shields, you’re going to see. I am stronger, I hit harder, I take punishment and he will not take me down, or hold me there for long if I make a mistake. This is gonna be a shock to those Jake Shields nut huggers. Once I am in that top ten, I’m coming after everyone above me….

I’m so pumped for the fight that I feel something is gonna go wrong, like he is gonna pull out or something…scared…I would if I was him. He don’t know what’s coming.

Fuck Jake Shields. I’m gonna crush him, and give him such a brutal knock out, he better be fucking scared. Or even better let him not, let him laugh and think I’m talking shit. Give me even more motivation.

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