KJ NoonsIn a press release issued today, EliteXC has announced that they have stripped KJ Noons of their lightweight championship for refusing to defend the title against Nick Diaz.

EliteXC Head of Fight Operations Jeremy Lappen comments.

“We are stripping KJ of his championship belt for refusing to defend against Diaz. It’s a very unfortunate situation but we cannot have belt-holders who refuse to fight the top contenders. We want champions who will fight anyone, anytime, anyplace. That’s the mentality all champions should have.

“I don’t understand why he would turn down a chance to be a headliner on CBS on Oct. 4. KJ then turned down the fight again when we offered him a headlining spot on our next SHOWTIME date against Nick. From my view, it is a fight against a top-named opponent in Diaz (someone who beat the No. 1 fighter in the world in his weight class), a fighter KJ has bad blood with and a fight the fans really wanted to see. It seemed like a great opportunity for KJ to me.

“Personally, I do not think it was a smart career move, but I’m sure he sees it differently. KJ has two more fights remaining on his contract, so we are still looking forward to having him fight for us again soon, but not as our world champion.”

It definitely wasn’t a smart career move. Don’t worry about Noons though. He has a plan. In an interview with MMA Weekly, Noons said he plans to box while waiting for the “best offer” to come along.

“I’m not totally separating myself from [EliteXC], but I’m just going to do what kind of makes most sense for me so right now, it’s just to box and just stay in shape and whenever a good fight comes along or the best offer for me, you know I’m going to take that.”

Apparently a title fight on network television wasn’t good enough, so I’m not sure what he’s thinks is going to fall in his lap that’s better, but don’t worry, it looks like he has a boxing match lined up in the San Diego. I’m sure it will do great things for his career.

Noons, still determined to put the horse before the cart, would be willing to fight Diaz if, get this, Nick puts his purse on the line. Apparently, Noons is still all bent out of shape that Diaz makes more than him.

“Tell him to put his money where his mouth is. Put his money up if he wants it so bad, if he’s such a warrior. He was just (expletive) about how much he got paid on this last CBS card. He’s getting paid three times more than me, how do you think that makes me feel?”

Anyone care to answer that question? I don’t, but I would like go on the record and say that suggesting your potential opponent should “put his money up” if he wants the fight is just absurd. What is this? Never Back Down? What are they going to do? Put the money on the hood of a car and throw down in the parking lot? Actually, Nick would probably go for that. I’ve never been to Stockton but from what I’ve heard, that sounds like a Friday night.

Moving on, Noons apparently heard Nick’s brother, Nate, call him out during Nate’s post-fight interview after his victory over Josh Neer this past Wednesday. I believe Nate called him a “weak-ass punk bitch” or something along those lines. Anyways, KJ wasn’t too pleased.

“If Dana (White) is listening, I wouldn’t mind fighting his brother too. I’ll get them both (expletive) plastic surgeries.”

If you don’t mind fighting either of them, then how about you step up and fight the one you actually can. Just a suggestion. That or sit out, don’t make any money, and eventually fight on the prelims where you’ll be forgotten about. Just remember, you’re not Andrei Arlovski. There won’t be a giant pot of gold waiting for you on the other side.

[UPDATE 9/20/08 – 9:41AM ET]Five Oz. is reporting Nick Diaz and Eddie Alvarez may face off for the EliteXC Lightweight Championship on Nov. 8.