Vitor BelfortWith Affliction rescheduling their second event, “Day of Reckoning,” from October to the beginning of 2009, that gives another fighter who broke his hand at “Banned,” Vitor Belfort, more time to recover from his injury to get back on the card.

Belfort recently confirmed the news with

“My hand is getting better. I’m doing a lot of physical training and physiotherapy. I didn’t care about the postponement, I wasn’t going to fight anyway”, jokes the fighter, the confirmed to he’ll be at Affliction’s next show.

“I’ll surely be back. I spoke with Tom Atencio and what they decide is good for me, I’m ready to face anyone. I the want so, I can face Fedor (Emelianenko)”, said the middleweight fighter, that doesn’t know who’ll he fight yet.

That’s good news all the way around. Vitor was a big name back in the day, and got off to a good start back in July in resurrecting his career with his knockout victory over Terry Martin. If he can keep it going in the right direction, he could become one of Affliction’s bigger stars. He might want to dial it down a notch on who he wants to fight though. Take it slow, Vitor, no sense in throwing yourself in the deep end with the giant shark.