Cro Cop & Alistair Overeem

DREAM.6 was supposed to end the beef between Alistair Overeem and Mirko ‘Cro Cop.’ But, as you probably already know, it didn’t when the bout was ruled a no contest due to the knee shots Cro Cop took to the groin. Instead, it appears the animosity between the two has only risen further.

According to this Croatian report, Cro Cop claims he actually wanted to continue. Translation via Bloody Elbow.

“Alaister was ahead on points, however its a 15 minute fight and i knew my time would come” said Mirko

Mirko wanted to continue to fight, however the ringside doctor prevented him from continuing.

“I’m angry it ended this way, it seemed as if he was the dominant one, however i wasn’t in trouble for a second and was waiting for my opportunities. I prepared very well because i thought the match could last a while. I thought i would knock him down in the end”

His manager Zvonimir Lučić confirmed that he wanted to continue the fight however the ringside officials prevented it as a precaution.

His manager stated that the injury is not a serious one. He doesn’t know when the rematch will take place however Mirko’s team want one as soon as possible.

Of course, Alistair says the exact opposite.

An unapologetic Overeem sai after the fight: “Tonight I was kicking his ass, I destroyed him.

“The first knee was in the crotch but the second was not. CroCop just didn’t want to fight anymore,” he added.

Overeem said he found it “easy” to prepare for CroCop because he has “one style” and stated that he would be more than happy to fight him again.

“I think he underestimated me, but if he wants to fight again, I’ll fight him again. I’d like to finish him.”

Although there were no signs whatsoever of Cro Cop’s “time coming” if he would have continued, I’m gonna go ahead and give him the benefit of the doubt. It looked like the second shot landed in the family jewels to me, so who am I to say a man who’s right testicle was supposedly “inside” him was faking.

At least they’re both in agreement about a rematch. Sorry Fedor, it looks like you got left out on that one.