Mirko Cro Cop & Alistair Overeem DREAM.6 Weigh-Ins

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As we reported yesterday, Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ wants a rematch with Alistair Overeem following the devastating knees that allegedly retracted Cro Cop’s right testicle into his body. Speculation quickly pointed to New Year’s Eve as the date for the potential rematch, and according to Cro Cop, that looks to be the case.

Cro Cop made the comments in another Croatian article that was translated by the fine folks at betwwx.com.

“He kept the distance well, he tried to get me into the clinch and trow me to the ground from there. I slipped during the first take down and the second takedown I mistimed my high kick landing it on his shoulder.”

“I wasn’t in trouble on the ground, I felt composed and calm. The groin injury occurred because my cup had moved while we were in the clinch.”

“Trust me I will pay him back twofold when we meet again, I believe the match will be held at the NYE event.”

That is all fine and dandy, but now there are serious questions of whether or not DREAM will be around to put another show. According to a report from world-mma, FEG stated that they needed at least a 15% ratings share to continue, and they only pulled 9%. Zach Arnold elaborates.

DREAM 6 on September 23rd at Saitama Super Arena ended in a bang in the ring with Gegard Mousasi’s Middleweight tournament win over Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. Outside of the ring, the event (much like the promotion’s business in general) ended with a thud.

DREAM 6 drew a paltry 9.0% TV rating on Tokyo Broadcasting System, one of Japan’s largest free-to-air broadcast networks. The single-digit rating is likely the final nail-in-the-coffin for the struggling PRIDE-wannabe promotion ran by ex-DSE executives and K-1 matchmaker Sadaharu Tanigawa.

With the failure of DREAM to garner a double-digit rating, the project is on life support. Certainly, don’t expect K-1 to give up on the MMA market. However, it should be expected that Ishii will come back with an MMA product in his vision and creative mold.

From all accounts, it’s not looking good for DREAM, at least not in its current form. Does that mean no MMA on New Year’s Eve in Japan this year? Maybe, maybe not. Even after the demise of PRIDE and before the creation of DREAM, FEG and DSE put on Yarennoka! for the Japanese fans last New Year’s Eve. Hopefully, an event will still be held regardless of it’s name.

[UPDATE 9/25/08 12:51AM ET]World-MMA has posted more on the DREAM situation.

FEG Event Producer Sasahara has made the first comment to come from FEG itself concerning the tv ratings for DREAM.6.

As reported in Part 1, the average viewership was 9.0% with a peak of 13.4% during the Akiyama-Minowa match.

Sasahara stated, “These are not numbers we can be optimistic about. The end of the year is when MMA attracts the most attention and we should be able to pull good numbers on that day. I want to think of an event that will bring us good numbers for NYE.”

Maybe DREAM has one more left in it.