Ryan Hockensmith of ESPN.com believes that Anderson Silva is using the retirement talk as leverage to land bigger pay days in the future.

As I said on MMA Live, I don’t expect him to quit any time soon. Shelf lives are short in MMA. Silva’s on an amazing run (7-0 in the UFC, including a 61-second knockout win), but he needs some big paydays. He’s 33 years old. He’s spent the past eight years in non-stop training and weight-cutting mode (Silva is one of the biggest 185-pounders to ever walk into the Octagon). Now he’s hit it big time as one of the UFC’s top pay-per-view draws. He’s looking to make some money for when he does retire. Can’t blame him for that, and can’t blame him for leveraging the situation a little by dangling the idea of walking away. For his fight at 205 pounds on July 19, Silva earned $200,000. No doubt he’d like to up that amount for the future.

It’s an interesting theory, and certainly one that makes sense. Whatever the reason is, I seriously doubt we’ll see Anderson retire in the next two years.