Cro Cop Squats In Defeat Against Cheick Kongo

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There may be another obstacle to clear in booking a rematch between Mirko Cro Cop and Alistair Overeem on New Year’s Eve. Cro Cop took a beating early Tuesday morning in his fight against Overeem, with the most obvious damage to his groin.

According to this Croatian article, Cro Cop still has pain there along with his right knee that was operated on earlier this year. It appears the time table for his return will hinge on the outcome of his doctor’s examination. Thanks to for the translation.

Mirko will have to undergo a testicle exam which got injured in the Overeem fight. Mirko’s genitals still hurt a lot says dr. Zeljko Kapulica.

“Mirko’s left testicle is still hurting and I have to examine it to determine whether it’s stable in the scrotum; complications might occur if the testicle rotates and clogs the blood vessels. Also I need to check if the inguinal canal in which his tescticle was pushed in is open because it could lead to a hernia.”

Mirko also feels pain in the right knee which was operated earlier this year.

“I advised him to postpone the Overeem fight till New Year but he insisted on fighting in September. The problem is he couldn’t rotate the right knee as much as he wanted which is essential for his LHK and that’s why he didn’t try to get of the ground because he was afraid of making a wrong move.”

“Stable in the scrotum.” I don’t even know what that means. That hurts just to read.

We’ll keep you posted…