Quinton Rampage JacksonIf given the choice, who would you rather fight? Wanderlei Silva or Forrest Griffin? Personally, I’d take Forrest. I’d rather get my leg broken than my head knocked off. Lucky for you and me though that’s a choice we’ll never have to make.

That same question was posed by Fighters Only Magazine to Rampage Jackson, one of the three men who have actually fought both, and he chose Wanderlei. Here’s why.

“I guess I would pick Silva first because I don’t think the UFC would have given him a title shot if I had the belt, so I’d have to choose him.”

No clue why the UFC wouldn’t give Silva a shot with Rampage holding the belt. Wandy’s very marketable, and he’s certainly proved he’s deserving of being in the cage with Rampage. Maybe he was thinking of Chuck.

He makes a little more sense further down in the story. Apparently, Rampage would rather avenge a loss he actually believes he deserves.

“My last fight, I don’t really consider it a loss, in the sense that I don’t feel I lost the fight. I figure I did enough to win the fight, so I don’t take it as a ‘mental’ loss,” he explains.

“But when I lost to Wanderlai, those were like a mental loss, in that I went home and I was like “No! I got my ass whupped!”.

And just how “mental” was that loss? Apparently bad enough to where he’s not even sure anymore if he could win the second rematch.

“Will I beat him next time? Who knows? But I’m ready to get in there and get some good stuff going down,” he laughs.

I’m pretty sure Rampage better be 110% confident he’s going to win when he steps in the Octagon against the man who gave him the most devastating knockout of his career, or I seriously doubt fight three’s going to end any different than the first two.

Wolfslair, you might want to get on that.

Melvin ManhoefWhile we’re talking about articles from Fighters Only Magazine, they also have a story on Melvin Manhoef, who apparently just announced his retirement. The original story comes from groundandpound.de. The story is in German, however John has a quote.

Manhoef apparently wants to spend more time with his young family, which has been difficult recently.

“Training seven days a week and three times a day has taken its toll on his family life” a spokesman explained.

Manhoef has spent most of 2008 training for and competing in the DREAM Middleweight Grand Prix. He made it to the semi-finals where he lost to Gegard Mousasi early Tuesday morning. It’s understandable that he would want a break.

Manhoef is basically a younger, faster, more explosive, more devastating, and just plain better version of Kimbo Slice with a much more legitimate resume. In other words, he’s a highly entertaining fighter, and hopefully his retirement is only temporary.