Frank Trigg has some interesting comments on Affliction-EliteXC and Affliction-Golden Boy partnerships, so make sure you watch past Randy Couture.

They don’t talk about this in the video, but it is something I’ve been thinking about regarding the Affliction-Golden Boy partnership. From what we know so far, they have plans to put on one major boxing match and fill the rest of the card with MMA. Pretty much every MMA pundit that’s commented on the partnership feels that Golden Boy will have to put together a marquee fight for this to have any chance to work. Michael D. Cohen stated to that would be the case.

“Whenever Mr. Trump is involved, you can expect to see only the top level of everything. These will be boxers of the highest level.”

However, many have pointed out that Golden Boy’s top drawing stars are already booked for the remainder of this year, and won’t be available in January, which raises the question of whether or not Golden Boy will be able to deliver the fight this event needs.

Now according to statements made by Affliction, this partnership is a 50-50 split. Let’s assume for a second that Golden Boy actually does deliver a marquee fight, and event does 500,000 buys. We already know that Affliction is worth around 100k buys give or take based on their first event.

My question is, knowing they were responsible for well more than 50% of the revenue, is only taking home 50% going to be acceptable to Golden Boy?

Perhaps the deal they have worked out is much more complicated than the 50-50 split they’re telling the public (t-shirt deal, etc.), but it seems like there is definitely potential for problems whether they succeed or fail. Not to mention, if you add EliteXC and CBS into that mix and things could get real sticky.

The point being, I would be very surprised if these “co-promotions,” “partnerships” or whatever you want to call them work long-term. If the events are successful, I’m betting it’s a only a matter of time before someone starts buying everyone else out.

CR: AOL Fanhouse for the video