Gegard Mousasi

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Apparently, Affliction is trying to work with every major combat sports promotion not named the UFC. According to Gegard Mousasi, Affliction wants the newly crowned DREAM Middleweight Champion to fight Vitor Belfort on their January card. Mousasi also revealed to Fighters Only Magazine that he believes Fedor Emelianenko’s opponent will be Josh Barnett.

Speaking to Fighters Only this week, he revealed that the US organisation wants him to fight the Brazilian, while Red Devil team mate Fedor Emelianenko may face Josh Barnett.

“I’m going to train with Fedor in preparation for Affliction in January,” he said. “I think it is Fedor against Josh Barnett and they want me to fight Vitor Belfort.”

Mousasi recently ran through DREAM’s Middleweight Grand Prix with relative ease by submitting Denis Kang and Melvin Manhoef, knocking out ‘Jacare’ with an upkick, and winning a decision over Dong Sik Yoon. His performance in the grand prix has led many to believe Mousasi is one of the world’s top ten middleweights, while others have pointed to the fact that he didn’t beat anyone in the top ten to deserve a spot. Personally, I’m a little torn between the two arguments, but honestly, I really don’t care either. I just want to see him fight again, and if that happens in the US against Belfort, I’m definitely down with that. I think Mousasi would have to be the favorite, and it will be a very tough, but appropriate test for Vitor.

Moving on to his Fedor-Barnett comments. With the recent addition of the Arlovski-Nelson fight, Atencio proclaimed the winner would fight Fedor next, thus leaving Barnett out of the picture. Even though Atencio is all over the place at times, I would think his word would have more clout than what Mousasi “thinks.” Of course, that all assumes Fedor doesn’t say the hell with Affliction and fights in Japan on NYE, which pretty much everyone still believes is a strong possibility no matter what Affliction says. Basically, Mousasi’s comments offer up nothing more than further confusion. To make the picture even cloudier, Aleksander Emelianenko wants a rematch with Barnett on the Affliction card, although there is the major question of whether or not he can get licensed to fight in the US.

As you can see, it’s a giant mess that hopefully Affliction sorts out for us sooner rather than later.