UFC LogoIt looks like the UFC is holding two events in January again next year. According to a report Yahoo! EuroSport, the UFC is headed to the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland on Jan. 17 to hold UFC 93. The Super Bowl weekend event which is believed to be headlined by the GSP vs. BJ Penn II mega fight would become UFC 94.

It appears they already have a few names in mind for the trip to Ireland.

And early indications suggest Rich Franklin could possibly take on Chuck Liddell or Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua in a stand-out headliner at the new arena, which officially opens on December 21.

Another rumoured fight being considered for the event is the much-anticipated welterweight showdown between Matt Hughes and Matt Serra.

According to The Sun, Chuck Liddell has been offered the bout against Franklin. If he turns it down, which is very possible since he stated in a recent interview he was looking at Spring 2009 for his return, then the UFC would offer the fight to Shogun. MMA Junkie is reporting, however, that Dan Henderson is the leading candidate to face Franklin, although it not known if that bout would headline. No matter who fights Franklin, it should be a good fight.

The report does not mention whether the event would air on pay-per-view or Spike TV, but considering the rumored match-ups, you would think it would end up on pay-per-view. If that’s the case, Dana and Lorenzo’s theory that the bad economy boosts pay-per-view buys will certainly be put to the test with three major events in six weeks. Also throw in an Affliction-Golden Boy event into that mix, which was initially reported for Jan. 17 but has since been moved to Jan. 24 (depending on who you talk to and what time of day it is), and it definitely looks like fans will have some choices to make.

I don’t know if I should be happy for getting more MMA events, or be pissed for making me spend money I don’t have.