Georges St. Pierre vs BJ Penn

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As we previously reported, Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar are being filmed for a three part series, inspired by HBO’s “24/7”, to promote the UFC’s self-proclaimed “biggest fight in UFC history.” According to MMA Rated, the UFC is planning on taking that one step further by giving the Georges St. Pierre and BJ Penn’s mega fight the true “24/7” treatment.

So while the jury is still out on whether Lesnar vs. Couture will receive the “24/7” treatment (and if you think about it, they would have to start airing that in a few weeks not to mention promote it), has learned that UFC 93’s BJ Penn vs. Georges St-Pierre welterweight title bout will be chronicled in true “24/7” form.

Assuming this is true, it will be interesting to see how this turns out. As I’ve mentioned before, I never got the chance to catch any of the “24/7” episodes for Mayweather/Hatton or Mayweather/De La Hoya, but from what I’ve heard and seen on YouTube, a major part of it is the trash talking between the two fighters as they’re preparing for the fight. BJ Penn should have no problem turning on his acting skills to build up heat between the two, but the problem is, he already showed his hand with the whole Sean Sherk-steroid situation. I honestly believed he truly hated Sherk, yet right after the fight he lets the cat out of the bag that it was all an act, and the next thing you know there’s this video of them being all buddy-buddy. I’m sure the casual fan will still buy into it and the show will be extremely effective, but at least for me, that aspect of it is pretty much ruined.

Of course, that doesn’t really matter, since the fight already sells itself.