We’ve heard quite bit from Affliction regarding their new relationship with boxing, yet hardly a peep from Golden Boy. Apparently, they haven’t embraced the internet culture of mixed martial arts yet. With our unrelenting nature, I can’t imagine why.

They can’t hide forever though. Michael David Smith of AOL Fanhouse was able to score a quick interview Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer as seen in the video above where he shared a few of his thoughts on MMA and Affliction. Here’s what Schaefer had to say off camera.

When Schaefer talked about Arlovski off camera, his eyes lit up: He’s clearly excited about promoting Arlovski.

Also off camera, Schafer told me he fully understands that Golden Boy isn’t just going to waltz right in and overtake the UFC as the top dog in the MMA business, but that with time Golden Boy can become a real force in MMA – just as it took time for Golden Boy to overtake Don King at the top of the boxing promotion business. Schaefer sounds like he’s serious about making it work.

Time will tell, but I sincerely hope they find success. I’ve always believed it’s best for there to be legitimate competition to the UFC, for all reasons I’ve said before and you’ve read elsewhere. I think they have a shot, albeit a long one. Time will tell.

[UPDATE 10/02/08 11:09PM ET] – MDS also got a few quick comments from the “Golden Boy,” himself, Oscar De La Hoya.