You might want to actually watch this weigh-ins video.

It appears there was quite a bit of drama at today’s EliteXC “Heat” weigh-ins. Imagine that.

Gina Carano had to strip down to make weight. She was obviously embarrassed, and I’m sure her it didn’t help that her dad was holding the towel.

Jake Shields and Paul Daley about went at it on stage. Usually it’s all show, but it apparently continued backstage as well.

Of course, it just wouldn’t be right if something didn’t go down between Kimbo and Ken. Shamrock, presumably in character, shoved Kimbo from behind when he turned to exit the stage and mayhem ensued.

Never a dull moment with EliteXC.

Props to for the video and run down.

[UPDATE 10/04/08 1:02AM] – Video with a better angle of the weigh-ins and no music after the jump.

CR: Sherdog