Mark Coleman vs Shogun Rua

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Apparently, time doesn’t heal all wounds, or more appropriately, bury all grudges. On Jan. 17, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua will get the opportunity to avenge his loss from 2006 against Mark Coleman at UFC 93. As you probably already know, at PRIDE 31 Shogun broke his arm when he used it to brace his fall from a Coleman take down, thus resulting in the loss. Two and half years later, Shogun says he still has a score to settle. It wasn’t so much how he lost, but what Coleman apparently said behind his back, as he tells Fighters Only Magazine.

“I’ve wanted to fight Coleman for a long time, but he kept running away from me.”

“Mark Coleman is two-faced. When I broke my arm whilst falling during our previous fight, he was very nice to my face.”

Quick interjection…was this before or after the brawl that immediately ensued between Hammer House and Chute Boxe?

“But then after the fight I heard that behind my back he was saying bad things about me. For that reason, this fight is personal.”

Hmm…not sure what Coleman said behind his back, but there is this video of Coleman trying to apologize backstage while Wanderlei Silva is being restrained from ripping someone’s head off.

Besides the back story, it’s really not the most compelling fight. We haven’t seen Coleman perform in quite a while, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’s somewhere around Ken Shamrock’s level at this point. He was essentially brought in to be fed to Brock Lesnar, but since he got injured, the UFC is obligated to give him at least one fight, so it only makes sense to put him in a situation where there’s unfinished business. I’d rather see Shogun fight a more formidable opponent, but he is coming off those knee surgeries, so throwing him a softball might not be a bad idea.

I just hope Shogun brings Wandy back to corner him. He’s been smiling way too much since he arrived in the UFC.