EliteXC Heat Poster

EliteXC “Heat” took place this evening at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida.

Seth Petruzelli had the opportunity of a lifetime fall into his lap when he was tapped to replace an injured Ken Shamrock in the main event against Kimbo Slice.

Jake Shields defended his EliteXC Welterweight Championship for the first time against the always dangerous UK Cage Rage Champ Paul Daley.

As the result of a co-promotion with Afflliction, heavyweights Andrei Arlovski and Roy Nelson met in the cage for a possible chance to fight Fedor Emelianenko.

Gina Carano looked to keep her undefeated streak going against Kelly Kobald.

Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua and Benji Radach battled it out to get one step closer to a middleweight title shot.

Results and wrap-up after the jump.


  • Seth Petruzelli defeats Kimbo Slice via TKO (Strikes) in Round One
  • Jake Shields defeats Paul Daley via Submission (Armbar) in Round Two
  • Andrei Arlovski defeats Roy Nelson via Knockout in Round Two
  • Gina Carano defeats Kelly Kobold via Unanimous Decision
  • Benji Radach defeats Murilo “Ninja” Rua via Knockout in Round Two
  • Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos defeats Yoko Takahashi via Unanimous Decision
  • Conor Huen defeats James Edson Berto via TKO (Strikes) in Round Two
  • Mickey Gomez defeats Lorenzo Borgomeo via Submission (Armbar) in Round Two
  • Bryan Hamade defeats David Gomez via Submission (Guillotine) in Round One
  • Nicolae Curry defeats Jorge Boechat via Submission in Round One


Wow, what a crazy turn of events this has been. The EliteXC/CBS broadcast team did a great job handling the Shamrock news. Having the doctor explain the situation was smart.

Affliction seems to be getting quite a bit of pub so far. The Fedor commercial was good, and not something I was expecting. The more Affliction can get the word out about Fedor the better.

What a great start to the night with the Ninja-Radach fight. That whole fight was something else. I don’t know how Ninja survived those first two minutes. Ninja seemed to be turning the tide at the end of the first and into the second, but Radach drilled him when Ninja fell on his back, and that was all she wrote. Great start.

They literally just showed the whole Fedor-Tim Sylvia fight in the Affliction commercial. They are definitely making the Fedor push. Hope he doesn’t screw them and fight in Japan instead.

Three minute rounds suck! Seriously, they need to change that immediately. Gina’s not just a pretty face. That girl can fight. She may not be the best in the world, but she has skills. Kobald was tough. She took a lot of punishment and kept going. She got very sloppy when she fatigued, but she held her own. Great fight. I don’t know how some people don’t like women’s MMA.

Affliction with another commercial. Not sure if they’re part of the Arlovski deal or if they paid extra, but they’re getting a serious amount of exposure. Oh, wait, yep, there’s the Fedor-Tim fight again.

Roy Nelson was starting to make the Arlovski fight kind of a snoozer. Arlovski looked great on his feet, and you can tell his work with Roach is paying off. I thought the ref stopped the fight early, as did Nelson, but I have no doubts Arlovksi would have finished him off if he hadn’t. Can Affliction please make the Fedor-Arlovski fight now?

Tito says he’s a week away from signing a deal, possibly with EliteXC. Yeah, sure Tito. Apparently, he is getting back surgery that’s going to keep him out for six months. I’m sure that will give him the leverage he needs to get what he wants.

Fedor-Tim again.

It was the high-level grappler versus the high-level striker, and the grappler won. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little worried for Shields when he couldn’t get the takedown. Daley definitely had his number if he could have kept it on the feet, but Shields was relentless and finally got the fight where he needed it to go. Daley got a little help from the cage in the first round, but Shields finally got the submission in the second.

This should be interesting. Let’s see if Seth can take advantage and be the man to destroy the aura. I think he’s got a shot.

Fedor-Tim one last time?

Wow, is that what you call karma or what? Seth Petruzelli just became a star (at least for now), and EliteXC just watched their biggest star fall. The aura is no longer. It was going to happen sooner or later, but who would have ever predicted the insane last-minute turn events that led to Kimbo’s first loss? The look on Jeremy Lappen’s face and $kala screaming said it all. Does it mean the end of EliteXC? In it’s current form, probably. Whether they merge with Affliction, get bought out by Showtime, or completely go away, we probably won’t see a ProElite-owned EliteXC continue into 2009 in the same way they’ve operated thus far. But, that’s a good thing.

We’ll see what the ratings say tomorrow.

[UPDATE 10/05/08 12:28AM ET] – I didn’t hear it on the broadcast, but Dave Meltzer, who was ringside, is reporting that EliteXC announced the Nick Diaz vs. Eddie Alvarez lightweight title fight for the Nov. 8 Showtime event.