Jared $kala Shaw

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It’s not often you find something good being said about EliteXC VP Jared Shaw, aka $kala, on the internet. Quite frankly, he rarely does or says anything to deserve it. But, with Dana White’s recent comments about Jared on the latest episode of NBCSports.com’s MMA Fight Weekly, Shaw, of course, was inclined to respond, and I’ll give credit where credit is due. It was actually quite good.

Here’s what Dana said.

“There’s guys out there in the industry that know what they’re doing and run a real business. ProEliteXC, you think that business is being run well?

“Hey Jared (Shaw), you’re $60 million in the hole, retard. Get over it.

“These idiots pop up and they start throwing all this money around, and they think they’re going to come out and go head to head and compete with the UFC? It’d be like me starting a fast-food joint saying ‘I’m going to take down McDonald’s.'”

And $kala’s response.

“My only message for ‘Simple Dana McDonald’ is this — The last time I checked the fast-food industry, the recognized No. 1 global franchising opportunity for a fast food chain was Subway. And their spokesperson’s name is Jared.”

Slick, $kala, very slick. Of course, I have no illusions that if anyone ever overtakes the UFC, $kala will be the one leading the charge, but hey, you have to admit that was a pretty good comeback.