Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock

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In a truly shocking turn of events, Fightlinker (they aren’t joking) and are both reporting that Ken Shamrock has somehow sustained a laceration above his eye, and may be forced to pull out of tonight’s main event.

At first, Ariel Helwani reported the search for a replacement was underway, however, in an update he says EliteXC may have found a doctor to clear Shamrock.

EliteXC officials are scrambling to find a last minute replacement for Shamrock. Amazingly, we have heard that Shamrock’s brother, Frank, who is calling the event for CBS, offered to step in at the last minute but is ultimately not fighting. EliteXC has offered Slice a last-minute replacement in the form of Seth Petruzelli. Petruzelli was scheduled to fight Aaron Rosa tonight.

As of right now, Kimbo has yet to officially accept the fight.

UPDATE: We are now hearing that EliteXC officials may have found a doctor who may clear Shamrock tonight after all. EliteXC may be on the verge of dodging a bullet of epic proportions.

No word on how Shamrock was cut just yet. Hopefully they get this worked out before Shamrock’s blood pressure shoots through the BankAtlantic Center roof and he has a heart attack. If not, Petruzelli may have just fell into the opportunity of a lifetime.

I’ll update this post as more info becomes available.

[UPDATE 10/04/08 7:32PM ET]Dave Meltzer via Bloody Elbow:

As of 7 p.m. Eastern time it looks like Shamrock has been cleared and the main event is back on. If anything changes,we will post a new update.

Never a dull moment.

[UPDATE 10/04/08 8:09PM ET] – It’s not over. From

The cut in question happened within the last 24 hours and apparently doctors are currently checking Shamrock to determine if he can fight or not. According to Ingram the chance of the bout happening is “50/50.”

[UPDATE 10/04/08 8:17PM ET] – Scratch that. MMARated updated their story.

Update #3: Ken Shamrock has left the arena. He is not fighting tonight.

Remarkable. Truly. Only with EliteXC. This must be some form of bad karma.

[UPDATE 10/04/08 8:54PM ET] – From

Final Update: Kimbo Slice VS. Seth Petruzelli tonight. 100%.

What a tremendous opportunity for Seth. Good for him.