Animated Gif EliteXC Execs React To Seth Petruzelli Knocking Out Kimbo Slice

It was going to happen sooner or later. EliteXC execs just never in a million years expected to happen tonight and the way it did. Pay particular attention to Jared Shaw behind the cage yelling and screaming right next to Jeremy Lappen. Lappen still appeared shocked well into the post-fight celebration if I remember correctly.

The Kimbo strategy was never going to work long-term. EliteXC had to know that and hope they’d be able to at least make it until they laid a strong foundation. It didn’t work out that way though and they lost the gamble. If you sell a product as something it’s not, it’s eventually going to be exposed for what it is. EliteXC just went all in hoping that would happen later rather than sooner.

Their faces say it all.

Props to JayRoc & Burkorki on the UG for the gif. Thanks to Fightlinker for the replacement gif.