Animated Gif EliteXC Execs React To Seth Petruzelli Knocking Out Kimbo SliceIf Jared Shaw had any credibility whatsoever with mixed martial arts fans prior to Saturday’s shocking turn of events, he pretty much lost it all when he was seen yelling at the ref as Kimbo was getting beat down by Seth Petruzelli, as evidenced in the animated gif to the right.

There’s not really any way to spin it, so $kala has elected to say he’s sorry instead.

“I watched the tape back today. While I think that the ref may have missed the (blow to the back of the head) call, my reactions at ringside – I saw them myself – were inappropriate and inexcusable.

“I apologize to the MMA community and the fans and most of all Seth Petruzelli as although my reactions can not change a referee’s decision, they were inappropriate at the time and over a heated and tense mixed martial arts event.”

“Again, I apologize to the community. I am all for fair mixed martial arts fighting and I am very happy to represent Seth Petruzelli.”

I almost want to give him credit for coming out and apologizing, but I’m a little skeptical of his motives and afraid I’m going to regret it the next time he opens his mouth and makes a public statement.